Automatic driving lessons Hinckley

Driving Instruction that lets you spend less, as our driving tuition is tailored to your individual needs!

Our driving instructors cover Hinckley. If you would like to obtain your driving licence with as little worry and inconvenience as possible then Andy1st automatic driving lessons Hinckley is the place to be. Book your automatic driving lessons in Hinckley with our experienced DSA approved driving instructors with many hundreds of happy pupils under our belts.
When you book with Andy1st we will give 1oo% commitment to ensure you have the knowledge to pass your test.

automatic driving lessons Hinckley
Driving should be a pleasurable experience and that is what we aim to achieve as well as getting you to your goal, from learner driver to NEW DRIVER!

Areas Covered by Andy1st

Including these areas.

    • Bagworth and Thornton, Barlestone, Barwell (Re-created in 2007), Burbage
    • Cadeby, Carlton
    • Desford
    • Earl Shilton (A town council)
    • Groby
    • Higham on the Hill
    • Market Bosworth, Markfield
    • Nailstone, Newbold Verdon
    • Osbaston
    • Peckleton
    • Ratby
    • Shackerstone, Sheepy, Stanton-under-Bardon, Stoke Golding, Sutton Cheney
    • Twycross
    • Witherley

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Welcome to Andy1st driving school in Hinckley – the home of excellent tuition and fun learning. We would like to take you on a learning journey you won’t forget! Our unique tailor-made packages have you and only you in mind. They are designed to take into consideration any experience you may have, the way in which you learn and the type of lessons you prefer to take. Your tuition will then be delivered by one of our professional, patient and dedicated instructors.
Your lessons can be taken at a mutually convenient time. We can offer lessons at weekends and in the evenings making it easier to fit into your already busy life. Your instructor can even pick you up from school, work, college or home – whatever makes it easier for you. We have male and female instructors and our cars are all maintained to a very high standard. Our cars are safe and comfortable to drive and in the unlikely event of a problem will be replaced for the instructor within 24 hours minimising disruption to lessons and tests.
We deliver the traditional method of learning through regular lessons – usually taken weekly. This method is slower and helps you spread the cost. We also run intensive courses for those who need or want to learn quickly. They are, as the name suggests, intense. You will need to do large amounts of driving in a day but it will be over a shorter period of time. We have known pupils start an intense course and pass in as little as 2 weeks. You will need to discuss this with an instructor first as this type of course does not suit everyone. You also need to bear in mind that you will still need to take the theory test and it is strongly advisable to take and pass this before your intense course begins. Just because the course is intense and quick, it is not an automatic pass. You will still need to take your practical test the same as anyone else.
We can offer driving lessons in both manual and automatic cars. Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular due to there being little or no use of the clutch required. Automatic cars are ideal for those who do a lot of city or town driving or for those people who see themselves as nervous drivers. Take away the added worry of clutch control and gear changes and the thought of driving becomes even more appealing!
Just like a manual car, the automatic transmission’s job is to allow the engine to provide different output speeds. Without the gears or if you only had one gear, it would be difficult to cruise at lower speeds and virtually impossible to reach fast speeds. If you only had third gear for example, you’d have no acceleration when starting off and at a high speed, the car would literally screech along! This would wear the car out very quickly and it would become undriveable. So, the gears make the engine more effective.
Automatic transmission cars change the gears for you. It keeps the engine operating at an appropriate speed without the need of manual intervention. This allows the driver to concentrate on other aspects of driving such as manouvres, hazard perception and other drivers. The stress and worry of changing gear is removed. Many, many nervous drivers choose this option as it helps them build confidence. In addition if you do a lot of city driving where you are constantly stopping and starting then automatic cars are great for that too. It helps alleviate the pressure and aching that you often get in the ankles.
One thing to consider if you choose to take lessons in an automatic car is that if one day you need to drive a manual one your licence won’t cover you. If you learnt and took your test in an automatic car you cannot drive a manual one. If you changed your car or someone wanted you to go on a manual car’s insurance policy in case of emergencies, you wouldn’t be able to drive it. You would have to take lessons and take a test in a manual car to be able to drive one.
As we’ve covered, automatic cars are great for nervous drivers as it removes the need for gear changes. There are times when manual intervention is required but it is minimal. Whether you choose a manual or automatic car, our standard of tuition is just as high. Our instructors will teach you to the highest standards regardless of the course or car type choice you make. We are passionate about what we do and believe in teaching only the best in basic driving but also teaching you how to stay safe and be aware of what’s around you.

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Andy1st driving schools in now offers tuition in Automatic Cars, female driving instructors and intensive driving courses! Please phone for more details 077 077 27 900


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