Choosing a driving instructor.

What to look for and what to ask for.

If you think learning to drive is difficult, choosing the right driving instructor is all the more difficult. Driving is one of the most crucial skills that we will ever acquire in our life and it has become one of the essential survival skills in this fast-paced world. Not knowing how to drive can be a serious handicap. Therefore, learning to drive is highly important and when we learn to drive, it is all the more important to make sure that it is done properly as it involves safety of others and our personal safety. The quality of our driving lies heavily on the quality of the driving instructor or driving school that we use. So never take chances because any mistakes in this area we may regret for life. Here are few guidelines on choosing your driving instructor. Carefully consider the following points and never rush through the process when you want to pick your driving instructor.


The driving instructor that you hire should be qualified to offer driving instruction. It is not enough that your instructor be a good driver; in order to be a good driving instructor, one should possess a special license that allows them to be a driving instructor. The instructor that you hire should be an Approved Driving Instructor or at least a Provisional Driving Instructor and should have DSA licence.


It is not enough to be a qualified driver, it is also important that your driving instructor has enough experience in offering driving lessons. One becomes a seasoned driving instructor through experience. The advantage of hiring an experienced driving instructor is that your questions will be answered even before you ask them. Besides that, your driving instructor will know your difficulties as a beginner. So pick a driving instructor who has good experience so that you can take advantage of their teaching experience.


When choosing a driving instructor, you must also take into consideration the approachability factor. You should find a friendly and approachable instructor. You will be able to have your doubts clarified only when you are comfortable interacting with your driving instructor. It will not do you any good if you hesitate to ask questions. You should never presume things when it comes to driving, you must always have all your doubts clarified. Therefore, it is very important that you find someone easy to deal with.

Professional Approach:

When we say that the instructor should be friendly, it does not mean that he has to compromise on his professional approach. Your driving instructor should have professional approach and all the lessons should be professionally developed.

Communication Skills:

Your driving instructor should have excellent communication skills so that he will be able to explain clearly the concepts of driving. The depth of your driving knowledge is highly dependent on your instructor so only when he explains driving rules and other driving concepts clearly, you will have sound driving sense.

Students Pass Rate:

It also helps to find out the students pass rate of the driving instructor that you choose. This will help you assess the standard of your driving instructor and his success rate as an instructor. You must try to avoid driving instructors with poor student pass rate.

Tuition Vehicle:

Your driving instructor should use a reliable vehicle for handling your driving lessons. The vehicle should be well maintained and should be regularly replaced. Having driving lessons in a faulty vehicle will be risky as you will not be able to control if something should go wrong. It is also important that he uses a dual control vehicle to ensure highest level of safety. Never take any driving lessons from an instructor who does not have dual control vehicle or well maintained vehicles.


This is one of the highly crucial factors. Driving lessons should be reasonably priced so that you can afford your lessons. You should also check on the possibility of getting price discounts if you are booking a number of lessons in advance. But beware of really cheap lessons or very high discounts as this may mean that the instructor/school may be desperate for work or even worse a bad instructor desperate for work!


Your driving instructor should have flexible lesson timings so that you will be able to accommodate the driving lessons in your busy day. At times, it is also helpful if you can find crash courses. When you choose crash courses make sure to find out what will be covered during the lessons and how different it is from the regular sessions.

Complete preparation:

Your driving instructor should prepare you completely for both theory test and driving test. He should not concentrate on one and leave the other; both are equally important for you to get your driving license.

Referrals and Reputation:

It is always safe when you find your driving instructor through referrals so that you can be sure of the quality of the driving instruction. You will be wasting your time and money if you do not find a good instructor. On the other hand, finding an instructor through personal referrals reduces the chances of hiring a bad instructor. The reputation of the driving instructor is very important; reputation here means success rate with his students’ pass rate, which will determine your success. If you have not found your driving instructor through referrals then ask them about their pass rate.

Politeness and Patience:

Your instructor should be polite in his dealings with you and patient. As a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes and if your instructor is not polite or patient, then you are likely to have a tough time and bad experience on your early days of driving which will instill an aversion towards driving that you will carry all through your life.

These are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration while choosing your driving instructor. If you are unable to assess all these qualities of your driving instructor on your first meeting, you can try booking a few lessons first and avoid booking your lessons in bulk without knowing about the quality of your instructor. You should not book in bulk even if you are going to get discounts before trying your driving instructor for a few driving lessons.

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