How Do You Know You Are Ready to Drive?


Learning to drive is not an easy task, both in Leicester and other parts of the UK. It takes time, effort, and practice in order for you to pass both your theory and practical test. As a result, it is important that you always take your time and find an instructor that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident during your lessons. However, how do you know when you are ready to drive, and what do you need in order to start? In this article, we look at just that.


What You Need to Learn to Drive

Here is a list of the things you need in order to start learning to drive. With these five points checked off, you’ll find yourself ready in no time. Take a look and see if you are prepared for the next chapter in your life.


#1 A Provisional License

The first thing you need is a valid provisional license. You can fill out the application form for this at your local post office, and the current fee for one is £50. Alternatively, you can also fill the form in using the government website. In order to hold a valid provisional license, you need to be 17 years of age, although you can apply for one three months before your 17th birthday.


#2 An Eye Test

You should be able to see clearly with or without glasses when you drive, and the license plates in front of you should be visible up to 20 metres ahead. If they are not clear, you will need an eye test. This should always be done before your practical test so that you know what you need in order to drive safely.


#3 A Driving Instructor

Next, you need to choose a driving instructor in Leicester. We have a great blog post on the things to look for when choosing one, so make sure to take a look there for further details. Make sure your chosen instructor is experienced, has a good pass rate, and is willing to work with you using your preferred method and your comfort zone.


#4 The Structure of Your Lessons

You also need to figure out how you are going to do your lessons. Do you want to purchase weekly ones from your driving instructor, or buy them in blocks instead? The latter option often saves you money and ensures that you are booked in when you need to be.


#5 Confidence

Not every new driver is confident when they first get behind the wheel, but when you start learning to drive you need to have some form of courage and knowledge that this is something you can do. Fear and anxiety can lead to accidents, and so you need to ensure you are in the right mindset for this task. As you drive, your confidence will grow, leaving you glowing once you have passed your practical.


To Conclude

Hopefully, you found this guide to knowing whether you are ready to drive useful. It’s not always easy, but you will find yourself feeling a lot more prepared with this simple checklist. Driving in Leicester can be an amazing experience, and with the right preparation, you will have it perfected in no time.