How to Pass Your Practical Test: Learning to Drive in Leicester


Now that you are ready to finish learning to drive and become a qualified driver, it is time for you to take your practical driving test. Here is our guide to preparing and taking the test, giving you the best possible chance of getting a pass first time. You’ll be driving around Leicester like a pro in no time at all with these handy tips.


Preparing for Your Driving test

It is important to be prepared for your test – you can’t just jump into it head-first. Here are our top tips for being prepared:

#1 Pass Your Theory Test

The first thing you need to do before you can take your practical test is pass your theory. This isn’t too tricky, and we have some great tips for getting a pass in one of our other articles titled, ‘How to Pass Your Theory Test’. Take a look if you need a few tips.

#2 Get Regular Lessons

You need regular driving lessons so that you are always learning and having information refreshed in your mind. Frequent lessons are the best way to remember the things you need to know for your practical test. Plus, it leaves you feeling more confident and prepared.

#3 Practice as Much as Possible

Keep practicing whenever you can. Practice makes perfect, and this is incredibly true for your practical driving test. Drive your relatives around and keep using the information you have learned in your lessons to better yourself as a driver.

#4 Take a Practice Test

A mock test can be very useful. Get a family member to pose as the examiner and go through the motions of a real test. This will leave you feeling more prepared and let you experience the exam environment.


Taking Your Driving Test

Now that you are ready to take the test, here are a few tips to help you get through it:

#1 Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Make sure you arrive at your test early. This gives you time to prepare yourself and keep yourself feeling relaxed before it starts. Plus, you can take the time to refresh your memory and go over any key points that you need to remember.

#2 Squeeze Some Practice in

Try and fit in a little extra practice time before you take the test. This lets you settle a little before the exam and gets you into the right frame of mind to take the test.

#3 Stay Calm and Focused

While you are taking your practical driving test, you should always remain calm and focused. Keep confident, and your instructor will be able to see it within you. If you are sure of yourself and what you are doing, you are sure to pass the test. Think before you act and stay calm no matter what happens – and make sure you don’t road rage!


To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to better understand how you can pass your practical driving test. These tips may seem simple, but they really will help you on the road to success. Follow this guide, and your driving test will pass by faster than you can blink. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming test and are sure that you will pass with flying colours. See you on the road!